Prizewinning and varied Engineered stone Benchtops Melbourne


YDL Stone is a reputed installer of Engineered Stone Benchtops in Melbourne. Engineered Stone is divided into various other stones, viz., Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and Essastone. These stones have considered as invention of century. Caesarstone are known to have developed of the excellent marketing strategies that was adopted to promote the product. Engineered stone is a composite stone manufactured from about crushed quartz and polyester resin. However, it is important to select the most desirable type of stone that befit the decor of a home. Be it natural or an engineered stone, everything should be considered upon bringing a beautiful finish to home that cope with budget.

Before making a choice between natural and Engineered Stone Benchtops in Melbourne, some considerations are to be made. Natural stone provides no sustenance guarantee against stain, scratch and chip. The stones that are formed naturally are known for their versatility about color, type, style, structure, porosity and price. The large and varying spectrum in color and veining are the factors considered while opting between natural and engineered stone.

On the other hand, Engineered Stone is a synthetic product. Need for these type of products may be due to a demand for more consistency and density. These type of products are mainly made from naturally forming quartz which is a highly strong mineral.

All the Engineered Stone Benchtops in Melbourne are made from highly color and style consistent stones. These material contains almost nil porosity making it resistant to scratches, chips and stains, thus giving it an added hygienic factor when used in a kitchen setting. Being made from naturally forming quartz, the sample and slab may be differing in formation. However, price of an engineered stone bench-tops is determined on consideration of factors that include design of the application.


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