Top 5 Stone Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne


Undoubtedly, timber bench tops look awesome in your Home Beautiful magazine. But you are worried that as time passes by it will stain, split, and become a breeding ground for bacteria. You are absolutely correct! And yes, marble feels and looks luxurious, but until and unless you clean up that coffee stain right away, you will be trying to scrub it off for the next five years and will be left defeated. Isn’t there a benchtop solution that will look great for years to come, without any hassle? Fortunately, there is! Following are 5 stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne that will look awesome in any kitchen:

Composite Stone

Composite or Engineered Stone is one of the most appreciated stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. It has the feel, look, and strength of real stone, but is more affordable. Composite Stones come in a range of colours and styles to match any decor.

Granite is hard as a rock. It is naturally heat resistant and has a solid, monolithic look which you only get from real stone. While it is relatively expensive, it will last forever and look great until the end.


Laminate is also very popular among the stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. Brands like Laminex now create long-lasting and hard-wearing laminate in a wide range of beautiful colours, patterns, and textures awesome in any kitchen decor.


If you are looking for traditional stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, Zinc is the option you should go for! It has the durability and longevity of stainless steel without the unending smears and sticky fingerprints.


Concrete stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are a great, durable option. It is durable, heat resistant and virtually maintenance free. It might just need a new coat of sealant every 5 to 10 years depending on your finish.


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